Things to Remember When Making a Fresh Start

Life can leave you pieces of moments to bring with you for the rest of your life, and each time it does, there is either happiness or pain. It can be the moment when you left for college or when you lost a loved one. Moments like these might feel like it’s the end of a journey, but it’s all about turning endings into new beginnings.

Everybody can recall a time where they can no longer think of a single reason to continue striving. These moments can be tough, but you can surely find something that will push you to your limits when you see them from a different angle. Margaret Moschak’s life is proof of this. Her book, My Alcoholic, My Love, tells her account of how she coped with her husband’s drinking and how it affected her and her children’s well-being. My Alcoholic, My Love is more than just a narrative of dealing with an alcoholic family member. It is something that proves a woman’s power to defy society’s expectations that women stay in bad marriages and violent relationships for the sake of “family” and the children. All of the experiences she went through during those challenging times are turned into a literary masterpiece, in the hopes to inspire readers. She writes about them with all honesty and knowledge, and she shares it with others so that they might find the strength to set themselves free. Getting this book will surely give you a glimpse of making a fresh start in life.

Just like author Margaret Moschak, everyone can have the same experience of redemption. Here are things that you should remember when you’ve decided to start fresh:

Let Go

Many things are a part of your life since you dwell on them too much. It will be a hard process to let go of the things that we cling to so much. Thus, we hold onto them until they are taken away forcibly, but even still, we hold on mentally and emotionally. What we may not realize is that hanging on might harm our life. Holding on to things that are out of our hands may lead to a lot of tension and misery. At the end of the day, it keeps us from growing and living our lives freely. That is why we need to release our attachment to things that do not contribute anything but pain.

Be Open 

Being receptive to learning from your experience, good or bad, is the key to every success you will achieve. Remember that life is a sequence of experiences designed to teach us valuable lessons. Throughout our lives, we rise and fall, learning valuable lessons along the way. The best way all of us can learn is to learn stories of others as it can provide us knowledge and wisdom and we can carry with us for the rest of our lives. In other words, it is a sure pathway that can help better a person, leading to personal and professional development.

Embrace Reality

Sometimes, dreaming can be wrongly associated with not enfolding reality. We are too caught up with the truth in our lives that we choose to dwell on delusional illusions that we forget that dreaming must be a driving force for us to face reality. We should not let our dreams take over our lives that we forget to deal with our realities. Nothing is more important than comprehending reality and learning how to deal with it. Grasping reality and learning how to deal with it can take us to a place where we want to be. Thus, we need to be radically open-minded and radically transparent with our thoughts.

Risk New Opportunities

Making a significant life shift or attempting something new might be frightening. But the scarier part is regret. Recognize that most of your worries are considerably more prominent in your thoughts than they are in reality; you’ll notice this for yourself as soon as you confront them. That is why you can’t let them stop you. Live your life so that you never have to regret the opportunities you didn’t take, the love you didn’t let in, or the gifts you didn’t give away.





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