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Just because alcohol is highly accessible, legal, and celebrated does not mean it cannot be harmful. Below are reasons why alcohol should be illegal or banned.

You must have often spotted people unconsciously fighting or lying roadside or in drains after drinking alcohol. The condition where these people are found is a pity but, simultaneously, shameful. The families have to suffer as men beat their wives and children and spend their money on alcohol instead of giving it to the family. Imposing a ban on alcohol might be a great help in getting rid of these cases and saving a lot of families from destruction.

Here are four arguments that can be made as to why alcohol should be banned:

1) Alcohol is a dangerous and destructive addiction. Alcohol is a drug and therefore is addictive. It is a central nervous system depressant with psychoactive effects. How addictive alcohol depends on the person, upbringing and genetics, and other social and environmental factors. But, according to a study in America, 29.1% will meet the requirement for Alcohol Use Disorder in their lives at some point, and 13.9% met the criteria in the previous year. People who drink heavily may develop physical dependence, leading to potentially life-threatening or severe withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking all at once. These symptoms include blood pressure changes, tremors, seizures, trouble sleeping, and hallucinations. And for those who do quit, maintaining sobriety is often a lifelong struggle. It is the number reason why alcohol should be illegal.

2) Alcohol leads to several health problems. Alcohol poisoning and alcohol overdose can be deadly. If overconsumption of alcohol is absorbed from the digestive system into the bloodstream following heart rate, binge drinking, blood pressure, and body temperature can fall to dangerous levels, causing organ failure and brain damage. But this is not the only means that alcohol causes harm. Excessive, long-term alcohol consumption can lead to serious health issues, including heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, liver disease, dementia, cancer, depression, and anxiety. Alcohol also has devastating adverse effects when consumed by pregnant mothers. Even drinking only moderate alcohol can lead to a significantly increased risk of miscarriage, fetal alcohol syndrome, or severe developmental issues.  

3) Alcohol does not solve the fundamental concerns in your life. Many who drink alcohol do so as an escape from depression, to mask negative feelings of stress or anxiety with intoxication and artificial feelings of well-being. But abusing alcohol only makes these issues worse in the long run. As alcohol dependence and use escalate, they can lead to increasingly negative feelings and compulsive substance abuse with no easy way out. This may continue until you’re drinking alcohol because you feel like you have to, not because you want to.

4) Alcohol addiction is responsible for ruining many families. Addiction can have a damaging effect on entire families, which can impact many generations. When a family member suffers from alcoholism, those closest to them can find that they have to contend with financial problems, strained relationships, and harm to their health and well-being. When you become addicted to alcohol, your focus can shift, and you neglect your work in favor of drinking or dealing with the effects of drinking. This can lead to a spouse or partner having to deal with the consequences of a loss of income or less money in the household. You may also have to take on more responsibilities concerning the family and home.

Moreover, the book “My Alcoholic, My Love: My Love and Loss Of An Alcoholic Husband,” is a memoir of an alcoholic husband by Margaret Moschak. This book discusses marriage, addiction, family, and faith in oneself and God. The book details a compelling journey of escaping the destruction of alcohol in their home and transforming her family’s life.

Relatively, a person with alcoholism may also put themselves and others in unsafe or risky situations when drinking or trying to acquire alcohol, which can be both draining and dangerous for those who care about them. Excessive drinking of alcohol results in health problems as well. That’s why alcohol should be illegal. Road accidents in drink and drive cases lead to the death of many people. Even many schools and college students have destroyed their lives because of the consumption of this poison. There must be strict restrictions imposed on the sale of alcohol. The prohibition of alcohol is only the step that can be the best solution to this crucial issue.

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