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There’s nothing wrong with drinking, as long as it’s done in moderation. But like they always say, too much of something will turn out bad, no matter how good. So if we know any alcoholic family member or friend, we need to seek help to get everyone out of it.

It’s hard enough to carry oneself under the influence of alcohol; how much more do the people around them who equally suffer, or maybe even worse? You might be in a plight of despair because you live with someone who couldn’t get enough of one bottle. There are severe consequences of alcoholism, often leading to abuse towards the people they live with. When you cohabitate with an alcoholic, you constantly fear for your life. You have to satisfy their desires, even at your own expense. This is extremely difficult, especially for people who live with children.

What Alcohol Addiction Can Do to You and the Ones Around You

Alcohol misuse or alcohol use disorder has been proven to destroy relationships, be it family or friends. It’s the kind of addiction that doesn’t know its way out of a person’s life but somehow lures them back if accepted. Alcohol may help blow off steam after a long, hard day for some, but some people are too burdened by problems and stresses in life that they turn to drink a few bottles to wash away all the worries seemingly. But in reality, not a single drop can get anyone out of the misery they’re into. It adds more and, if not dealt with, may affect your health and, eventually, other people close to them.

In your case, you might already be well aware of the adverse effects of alcoholism. But to those who still couldn’t see the signs, here are the following downsides of alcohol addiction in the social context:

  • Physical/verbal abuse
  • Extreme neglect
  • Financial problems
  • Psychological damage
  • Lifelong trauma
  • Legal troubles
  • Time wasted on hangovers
  • Lack of willpower to stop
  • Marital problems

As long as the addiction keeps up, so will the codependent tendencies rise because the alcoholic will keep on craving for more to the point of being harmful.

It’s also a known rule not to drink and drive. Alcoholism can get someone in trouble with the law, like public obscenity and involvement with domestic abuse. Physical dependence is another dreadful effect of alcohol addiction. They will eventually be resilient to the side effects and crave a taste every chance. It changes a person’s mindset into something that prioritizes the bottle over the battle to overcome it.

Alcohol and Money: The Bad Pair

Nothing in this world is free, even alcohol. Drinking is one way of socializing with little to no restraint. The problem is that it might grow into a habit and make you buy things impulsively, hurting your budget. Regardless of whether the person is at home or outside, there is no stopping them from shelling out money to waste on alcohol, especially when the internet is there to give you everything you need at any given time.

The Lack of Productivity When There’s Full of Alcohol

Since alcohol can ruin a person’s capacity to function like an average human, productivity at home, school, or work will be severely affected. If students drink an intolerable amount of alcohol, it will cause extreme hangovers, making them skip classes or procrastinate, effectively lowering their grades. As for working adults, they might miss a workday or two and can leave a dent in their salaries later on.

The Trauma Towards Children

The fact that alcoholic parents exist threatens the children who live with them. Due to the destructive behaviors displayed by parents under the influence, children endure a lot of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. These children will grow up neglected and experience severe depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, and social interaction problems. Marital separation is already traumatic enough for a child, but much more when paired with alcoholism on the parents’ end.

Children of alcoholic parents also suffer perpetual abandonment and issues with relationships that will manifest as they grow older. The worst form of it is a repeat performance of how they endured the abuse of their alcoholic parents. These scarred children will eventually grow to project those abusive behaviors they’ve seen and heard until it goes on continually.

Breaking the Cycle: Who to Call For Help

Suppose you know someone who suffers from alcohol misuse or a person who lives with a drunkard. There’s a rehab facility that offers treatment and counseling. Their services might be helpful, even for you, if you are battling an addiction to alcohol or is in the same household as an alcoholic.

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